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Today we have the new release for Tell Me A Secret by Tamara Lush! Check it out and grab your copy of this sexy new novella today!!   tmas-paperback-bt-ban About Tell Me A Story:   tmas-cover  
  Tell Me a Story: The Complete Novel *** A flirtatious reading of erotica blossoms into something deep and tender in the steamy Florida heat... Emma, a bookstore owner and writer, meets a wealthy developer named Caleb at a literary event in Orlando. Daringly, she shares with him a reading of her erotica. Soon both of them are feeling the effects ... and Emma's wondering what kind of lover is underneath Caleb's expensive suit. Soon the couple are spending every available moment together. Can she trust him with her life as she does with her body? Or will the prickly walls built during her harsh past keep them apart? Tell Me a Story is a modern-day fairy tale of lust, love and temptation, and also of marriage, memory and destiny. This is the paperback of all FIVE e-book episodes: Tell Me a Story, Tell Me a Desire, Tell Me a Lie, Tell Me a Secret and Tell Me a Truth!  
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Caleb was standing at the floor-to-ceiling window. His suit jacket was off, and he was in charcoal-gray pants and a dove-gray button down. I’d bought him the shirt recently, rightly anticipating it would show off his broad shoulders.
He’d pushed his sleeves up, and one arm stretched above his head to rest on the window as he stared at the vast Florida flatland many stories below. He’d gone a bit more silver around the temples since we’d first met, and his buttoned-up conservative style still made my heart race.
And I was still beautiful to him. It’s what he told me often. I was unconventional to his staid outer self. Wild and creative to his corporate and tame.
You complete me, he always said. I loved him more than I’d ever loved anything. He gave me sex that pushed me over the brink of sanity and intellectual stimulation that kept me sane.
And yet…
The earlier conversation with the doctor had tormented me for hours, refusing to fully vanish from my thoughts while I was supposed to relax at the salon. So if you complete him, why hasn’t he wanted to commit? the critical super-ego in my brain whispered.
He could leave you.
He won’t be interested when you tell him you want his baby.
He doesn’t love you enough to marry you.
Caleb was on a Bluetooth earpiece, speaking in his low buzz of a voice. I would never, ever tire of listening to him. Especially when he was speaking Portuguese, like he was doing now. He was fluent in four languages, and his voice still sent a thrill down my spine, regardless of the accent.
Folding my arms, I rested my shoulder against the doorframe, smiling. I suspected he was talking about his company’s new skyscraper in São Paulo. The King Group—one of the largest developers in the US and poised to be the biggest in the Americas—was a few months from being finished with Brazil’s newest, tallest building, and after eons of cost overruns, labor issues, and recession worries, the multibillion-dollar building was finally on track.
Still talking in measured tones, Caleb turned. His eyes widened and lit up, and he beamed at me.

The best feeling in the world: making him happy.

  img_6944 fullsizerender-4             Tamara Lush Bio: During the day, Tamara Lush writes news as a journalist with The Associated Press. At night, she writes fictional romance tales about complicated, sexy men and the women who love them. Her first full-length novel, HOT SHADE, was published in September 2015 with Boroughs Publishing Group. INTO THE HEAT is her second full-length novel and it’s also with Boroughs. TELL ME A STORY is Tamara’s first novella. It’s the first episode of The Story Series, a five-novella serial about a bookstore owner who reads erotica to a billionaire during a literary event in Florida. When Tamara isn’t reporting, writing or reading, she’s doing yoga, cooking for her Italian husband or chasing her dogs on a beach on Florida's Gulf Coast. She loves connecting with people on social media.   Connect with Tamara: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @tamaralush PINTEREST: INSTAGRAM: AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE: GOODREADS AUTHOR PAGE:        
listen-to-your-heart-rdb-bannerToday is the release day for LISTEN TO YOUR HEART by Sydney Logan! Grab your copy of this new contemporary romance and check out all the release day goodies! listen-ebook-cover About Listen to Your Heart: Wedding planner Skye Douglas makes a career out of bringing fairytales to life—even if she’s given up on her own happily ever after. Instead of dating, she devotes time to her nephew, a guitar prodigy who shares her love for 80s hair bands. When she encounters Caleb Lynch, the new guitar teacher, everything changes. Caleb's passion for music—not to mention his Def Leppard T-shirt—makes Skye wonder if she might get her storybook ending after all.   Caleb would do anything for those he loves—including a fake engagement as a gift to his best friend's dying mother. But after meeting Skye, he regrets the promise he made.   When Skye realizes she’s fallen for the groom, will she listen to her head . . . or her heart?   Get your copy today! Amazon: IBooks: Kobo: Nook:   i-dont-have-to-teaser Listen to Your Heart Playlist:   mix-tape Exclusive Excerpt: My mouth snaps closed when I finally spot my nephew. Sitting next to him is a man wearing a leather jacket with a Def Leppard T-shirt peeking through. He’s holdaing a guitar and showing Eli how to make a chord. My heart starts to pound as I watch the new music teacher interact with Eli and the rest of the kids. He’s soft-spoken and patient, and when the kids strum their guitars in perfect unison, his face morphs into the most toe-curling smile I’ve ever seen on a man. Suddenly, he lifts his head and his eyes find mine. “Wow,” I whisper. He doesn’t look like a teacher. He looks like a rock star, with his grungy clothes and his jet-black hair that’s just long enough to curl around the nape of his neck. When class is dismissed, the mothers rush toward the new music teacher, shaking his hand and offering their business cards, just in case he ever needs to reach them. Equally disgusted and impressed with their blatant flirting—and far too shy to participate myself—I find Eli and all but shove him toward the door. He tugs on my hand. “Aunt Skye, wait . . . I want you to meet Caleb.” “Could I meet him later? He seems really busy, Eli.” My nephew shakes his head and pulls me toward the mommy mob. I’m being ridiculous, I know. An hour ago, I was a happy, career-driven woman who didn’t need a man to make her life complete. Now I’m nervous and sweaty and acting like a girl with a high school crush. Guess it doesn’t matter how old you are. Pretty boys make you stupid. I sneakily rub my clammy palms on my slacks just as the seas part, and suddenly, I find myself staring into the deep blue eyes of the new music teacher. Pretty boys are even prettier up close. And we’re just staring at each other. My totally oblivious nephew grows impatient with all the staring and starts making the introductions. “This is my Aunt Skye.” He offers me his hand. “Hey, Aunt Skye. I’m Caleb.” “It’s nice to meet you.” “Pleasure’s all mine.” “Eli’s really excited that you’ll be taking Ms. Carol’s place for a while. I mean, he loves her, obviously, but we all understand that she needs this time away, and it’s good to know that he’s in good hands and we just really appreciate . . . everything.” I’m babbling, but he’s nice enough to stand there and smile at me while I do. And he’s still holding my hand. “Do you like music?” Caleb asks. “She’s obsessed with it,” Eli replies, and I’m suddenly reminded that there’s a ten year old standing between us. Caleb must realize it at the same time, because he loudly clears his throat and let’s go of my hand. “Well, Eli is an excellent guitarist. I’m looking forward to working with him.” “Thanks. We’re really proud of him.” “You should be.” Eli beams as Caleb pats him on the shoulder. We stand awkwardly staring at each other for a few more minutes until Eli’s growling stomach breaks the spell. We all laugh. “I should feed him. It was nice meeting you, Caleb.” “Burger Palace?” Eli pleads. Caleb chuckles. “They do have the best burgers.” “You should come with us!” Caleb’s eyes dart to mine. “Umm . . .” Not that I have a problem spending more time with Caleb. I’m just not sure a trip to Burger Palace is his idea of a good time. “I’d love to, if it’s okay with your Aunt Skye.” Eli looks up at me with wide, hopeful eyes. “Is it okay with my Aunt Skye?” I laugh. “Sure, it’s okay.” Caleb’s answering smile makes my body tremble in a way that it hasn’t trembled in . . . ever. I’m in trouble. ltyh-rule-teaser Check out the Trailer!   About Sydney Logan: Sydney Logan is the bestselling author of seven novels. She has also penned several short stories and is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul. A lover of music, she fills her playlist with everyone from Johnny Cash to Eminem. Sydney holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and spends her days surrounded by kids and books. A native of East Tennessee, she enjoys playing piano and relaxing on her porch with her wonderful husband and their very spoiled cat.   Visit her online at ltyh-cant-have-her-teaser Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads     Enter Sydney’s Giveaway!    
loves-illusion-bt-ban   Today we have a blog tour for Love’s Illusion by Ozlo & Priya Grey today! Check out this sexy contemporary romance, and grab your copy today! Contemporary, New Adult, Standalone Romance Novel Contemporary, New Adult, Standalone Romance Novel[/caption] About Love’s Illusion: Some Say Love Is An Illusion, But Nash Is Very, Very Real … I’ve never thought of myself as the kind of woman men would find attractive – much less sexy. I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything resembling a “real” relationship. But then I moved to Los Angeles, and everything I thought was “true” about myself… shattered.   They say Los Angeles is a city of illusions, and it’s tough to see what’s real.   But Nash Is Very, Very, Real.   He’s drop dead gorgeous and built out of hard stone.   But he keeps to himself. A Loner. Moody and Mysterious. A Star Athlete whose career was tragically cut short. Now he’s trying to figure out his next move.   Our lives were never meant to intersect. But in a house up in the Hollywood Hills, our souls – and much more – will be stripped bare.   * This Contemporary, Stand-Alone, New Adult Romance From Bestselling Authors Ozlo & Priya Grey ends in a HEA, with a satisfying climax. It is intended for Mature Audiences.
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It’s 10 pm and Nash Davis is out for a run. His 6 foot 3 inch frame rushes through the Los Angeles night with a determination that appears almost superhuman. Bare-chested, his muscles ripple with each quick and hard step forward. As his sneakers pound the pavement, sweat glistens off his chiseled body. It’s unseasonably warm in Los Angeles this January evening. But Nash doesn’t even notice. With his crystal-blue eyes focused straight ahead, and his broad chest expanding with each breath, the only thing moving faster than Nash’s body at this moment is his mind.
I can’t fuck this up. Tomorrow’s my last shot. If I fuck it up, my life is over.
Nash crosses another street and begins the long ascent up a hill. The homes of the famous and wealthy surround him. His breaths grow more labored. Nash feels a burning sensation run up his legs. He loves it. He’s always enjoyed the sensation of pushing his body to the limit, although he realizes it’s probably not the smartest thing to do the night before his tryout with the Rams. But Nash needed to do something to exorcise the demons inside him. Otherwise, he would just be lying in bed, wide-awake and worrying.
Nash finally comes to the top of the hill. He bends over to catch his breath. As he straightens himself, he observes the bright lights of the city below him, blinking like a sea of neon. Up here, on this hill, he feels invincible. But he knows it’s an illusion, like so many things in this city.
Nash has had enough of the picturesque view before him. He starts running again. In twenty minutes, he approaches a house located in the Hollywood hills. It’s a modern window-and-steel framed house that overlooks the city. Since arriving in Los Angeles two months ago, he’s been renting a room in the home. 
Nash uses his key to unlock the gate and walks toward the front door. He opens the door and quietly steps inside.

I can’t wait to get home and go to sleep. Since I got up at 4 am, I’m bone tired. But unfortunately for me, the bus breaks down on the way home. It takes an hour before another bus shows up, and we’re able to continue our journey home.
When the new bus finally drops me off at my stop, it’s already pitch black. Now I’m really, really, and I mean really fucking tired. I trek up the hill back to the house. By the time I arrive at the front gate, I feel like I’m going to collapse. I’m so out of shape. I’m also incredibly thirsty. I use the FOB key Selena gave me to open the gate. Then I unlock the front door. I step inside the house and head straight to the kitchen. I’m too tired to eat. Something I never thought I’d say to myself. I just want a glass of water before I head to my room and pass out. As I fill a glass with water, I hear the front door open behind me. When I turn around, I nearly drop the glass.
Staring at me is the most drop-dead sexy man I’ve ever seen. He looks exactly like Beowulf845. Except he’s real, made out of flesh, and not pixels. He’s got shoulder length brown hair, and the most piercing blue eyes. His face is lean and chiseled, which matches his fine body. He’s honestly the most attractive man I’ve ever seen close-up.
“Hey,” he says, his eyes not making contact with mine. They’re directed slightly downward. A guy this hot can’t be shy, can he?
“Hi,” I say, suddenly feeling not so tired. I guess the sight of a drop-dead sexy stud has quickly banished my fatigue.
“You the new roomie?” he asks. His voice sounds tired, like he’s only asking because he has too.
“Yep. I’m Flo.”
Our eyes finally meet. I witness a depth and sorrow in them that stuns me. I nervously smile. But he doesn’t smile in return.
He just says, “Nice to meet you.”
Then he heads straight to his room.
Once he’s gone, I take a sip of water.

I guess that was Nash, my drop-dead sexy roommate. I guess he’s not much of a talker.

Contemporary, New Adult, Standalone Romance Novel

About Ozlo & Priya Grey: author-photo
Ozlo and Priya Grey exchanged their marriage vows over ten years ago. They never expected those vows would lead them to collaborate artistically. If you asked either one of them to reflect on their art, they would admit it has strengthened their union on all fronts. They collaborate to produce contemporary romance novels that are known to pull at your heartstrings while leaving you to contemplate life’s greater purpose. They have authored three contemporary romance novels, including the Amazon #1 inspirational romance bestseller, Healing Melody. Their time is consumed with developing stories for future projects, writing and re-writing, and tinkering with graphic design. When they step away from their desks, they enjoy watching movies and long walks on the beaches of Southern California.   Connect with the authors: Twitter: Facebook: Website:  

Title: On the Rocks
Author: Nicole Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 18, 2016


Desperate for change.
I knew I wouldn’t find the answer in the bottom of a bottle but I walked into his bar anyway.
An accidental meeting...
The overwhelming urge to draw closer
I knew it was wrong.
But the need was powerful.
The yearning was strong.
The gravitational pull too hard to resist. So we gave in to temptation. But life isn't simple and nothing worth fighting for ever comes easy.

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Author Bio

Nicole Hart lives in Boyd, Texas with her husband and two children. She's a coffee addict and wine lover. She believes that dirt roads soothe your soul and every story deserves a happily ever after.

Her previous works include:

The Roughneck Series
The Hurricane
The Corridor

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Title: Bend
Series: Vegas Heat #1
Author: Molly McLean
Designer: Designs by Dana
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Novem
The Hardass

Focused and in control at all times. Most people think I’m a prick—and I’ll be the first to admit that’s probably true. But I’d rather be a take-no-shit cop than the kind of man genetics says I should be. You break the law, you pay the price. I don’t give a damn if you’re the captain’s daughter or the Queen of friggin’ England.

The Princess

I have no patience for the cocky men my father oversees. Or maybe it’s just Sergeant Hardass who gets under my skin. Not only is he sexy as sin, he refuses to cut me a break. 

And now I have to work with the arrogant jerk.

I shouldn’t want him, but a secret part of me craves his unforgiving edge. He could give me everything I need, but, first, I have to break down his walls.

I have to make him bend.

Bend Teaser

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About the Author
Like many novelists, especially romance writers, my infatuation with a good love story began early. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I’ll admit that Barbie and Ken acted more than a couple of the story lines I had in my head (sorry, Mom, but, no, not all of them were kid-appropriate). The obsession continued to grow as I got older and, whenever I left home, I always had a wire-bound notebook and a blue ballpoint pen in hand. In fact, every August, I still get that goofy, schoolgirl itch to buy up oodles of pens and paper, because, while I love my laptop, nothing compares to writing long-hand. If the house is quiet and there’s a thunderstorm rumbling outside, even better.

Not that I have the slightest a clue what a quiet house is anymore. Having three rambunctious (but awesome) kids, a zippy dog and a pesky cat has completely blurred my memory of peace and quiet. Oh, and I have a husband too–I call him the FisherGuy–and he’s probably louder and crazier than all the rest. I think I’ll keep him though. After all, he keeps me in fresh fish year-round (yum!) and he’s good hero material. Did I mention he’s also a firefighter?

We live in Northern Wisconsin and, let me tell ya, living here has provided lots of small-town fodder for this writer’s overactive imagination. Of course, I know no one who’s lived anything close to the steamy experiences I write about (not that I’d tell ya if I did *wink*). There’s something inherently sexy about not knowing what goes on behind closed doors…or even better, letting my imagination run free, concocting all kinds of stories and scenarios and putting them down on paper. Or my laptop.

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shutout-bt-ban SHUTOUT by Melody Heck Gatto is stopping by today for her blog tour! Check it out and grab your copy today!! shutout_ecover_final About Shutout: Love can be the best trophy and the sweetest consolation prize. Dominic is flirty, swoon-worthy and tattooed. He's only ever truly loved one woman - Hailee - the one that got away. But that was a lifetime ago. She left a scar on his heart so deep that no bunny would ever fill it. No girl measured up to his Hailee – not that he wanted anyone to. If he was lucky enough to find her again, he wasn’t going to let her go so easily. Hailee is stubborn, talented, tattooed, and not the kind of woman to let a man take care of her. She refuses to sit in the kitchen and bake pies for anyone. She is her own woman and plans to stay that way. That's why she had to leave Dominic all those years ago. Hailee kept herself hidden away in a hockey-free bubble, avoiding all aspects of the game and eliminating the possibility of running into him. Her heart missed Dominic, but her brain knew that she couldn’t be what he needed. It was just better this way. She had her own dreams and wasn’t about to give up on them, even if it meant giving him up. When all things in her life finally start to fall neatly into place, one thing is still missing. Dominic. Dominic was used to shutting out teams on the ice, but didn’t like being shutout by her. Hailee already had his heart, all she had to do was take down the walls she built, and stop playing games.

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Hailee put on her best tough girl face and bounced the quarter. It landed right in the cup. She smiled a smart-ass smile. “I pick you.” She pointed to the kid who asked them to play. She got to take another turn. Again, right in the cup. Damn, I’m good. “Okay, guy in the middle, your turn. Drink.” She wasn’t so lucky with the next shot. It was so close to going in the cup, but didn’t bounce high enough. “Dammit!”
The college boys went next, and they got four in. Drinks were handed out to Hailee first, then Dominic, then Kaden, and lastly Hailee again. She now had two drinks in her and couldn’t seem to stop giggling.
It was Dominic’s turn to bounce. As if he were going after payback for getting Hailee wrapped up in this, he got eight straight shots in before one of them made a comment about Hailee and he missed. The skinny kid on the end was already swaying a bit and only got two quarters in before Alison whispered something in his ear at Kaden’s suggestion. Unfortunately, both drinks went to Hailee.
“Sweet-tart, you’re at four drinks now, you sure you’re still doing okay?”
She slapped the empty cups on the table and smiled. “Absolutely.”
“Okay, Kaden, you’re up. Close this out. Don’t you have someone waiting on you?” Dominic grinned.
Kaden bounced in five in a row, forcing the boys to down the last five cups. They each were wobbly and laughing a lot at the dumbest things.
Once all the cups were empty, Hailee had consumed four cups of beer, the college boys five each. Dom and Kaden each only had one. Even though Hailee drank less than the smart mouth college brats, three beers was too much for her. She wasn’t feeling too well but wasn’t about to admit that to Dominic.
“Okay, we won. Now c’mon Hailee, let’s get you out of here.”
“You are more lightweights than I expected you to be,” Kaden said with a laugh to the other boys. “Well, it’s been fun boys, but I have some place to be.” He flashed them the peace sign with his fingers as he grabbed Alison’s hand.
Dominic led the way, with Hailee tight beside him, and Kaden and Ali behind. Hailee’s nose and face felt really warm and things were a little blurry, but other than that, she felt okay. Once outside, the cold night air felt good on her face.
“C’mon, let’s go for a walk. The cool air will do you good.” He pulled Hailee beside him and slowly moved down the sidewalk.
As they walked slowly down the sidewalk, she stared at him, studying his face. She’d always loved his deep, chocolate brown eyes. They were intense and sexy, especially the way he undressed her with his eyes. Kind of like how he was looking at her right now. Her heart skittered around in her chest, and she couldn’t break his gaze.

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  About Melody Heck Gatto: author-photo
Melody was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband, and son. She’s a dog lover and recently losing her two 15yr old girls (dogs) they adopted a new puppy, in addition to a cat. After years of begging for a cat, she finally let her son adopt a kitten (even though she’s allergic!) The cat is definitely a “mama’s boy”. A house just isn’t a home without pets. The whole family are avid Pittsburgh Penguins fans and like going to hockey games when they get the chance. Having met some of the players has fueled her interest in writing about them and creating wonderful stories. Melody has loved writing since she was young, in school she never met a creative writing assignment that she didn't love. She is lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who encourages her to write. When she was laid off from her job of 14 years, he was supportive about letting her stay home and just be a mom. During that time, she discovered hockey-romances and found a renewed love of reading as well as a passion for writing. She spends her spare time reading hockey romances. At holiday time she really enjoys any romance about Christmas, and Hallmark movies on tv. When it is the hockey off-season, she enjoys swimming and spending her days out in the sun with her family. Basically if she’s not writing or reading, then she’s doing something that has to do with hockey! Connect with Melody! NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP FORM -   Enter Melody’s Giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Title: Resuscitate Me
Author: Leddy Harper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2016


Carter Hastings was only supposed to be a fling,
A summer of fun, excitement, pleasure
And, it was…

It’s hard to walk away,
To leave the one man,
Who resuscitates me.

But I did.
He didn’t reciprocate my feelings.
He didn’t love me.
Not now.
Not ever.

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“Let me see how much you can bench-press.”

Carter shied away, his smirk brightening his cheeks. “Nah. I’m not dressed to lift weights in jeans and a polo.”

I thrust out my lower lip and batted my lashes at him. The wine eliminated my nervous inhibitions, making it easier to flirt. “Please? You don’t have to lift much. I just want to see it. I think it’s the sexiest thing in the world.”

His tongue swept across his bottom lip seconds before his perfect row of top teeth clamped onto it. The bristles of his beard shifted just below his mouth. My breathing slowed as my attention zeroed in on his actions, wondering what he tasted like. Wondering what it would feel like to have him bite me with those teeth.

A bomb could’ve gone off in the room and I wouldn’t have noticed.

“I’m not adding weight to the bar, so you’ll have to use your imagination.” He strutted over to the bench and straddled it before lowering himself into position. As his eyes locked on mine, he lifted one side of his mouth, and the entire room became stifling with the heat of my desire.

His thick fingers wrapped around the bar above him, and in one swift movement, he lifted it out of the resting grooves. He slowly lowered it to his chest, never taking his eyes off mine, and then raised it high above his head. Even without weight disks, it was sexy as hell. I could’ve watched him for hours, but my feet decided to take control and lead me to him. He continued the motions of working out effortlessly while tracking my movement.

Without the wine at dinner, I probably would’ve given him a compliment and then let him drive me home. But I did have wine. Three glasses—maybe it was four. So nothing prevented me from straddling the bench and climbing onto his lap. I sat there with my hands splayed across his tight abs and stared into his deep forest orbs, not once questioning myself why I’d done it. It had seemed like a good idea, so I went for it.

He dropped the bar back into the brackets, but he didn’t pull his hands away.

“They say if a woman sits on a man while he works out, it increases his testosterone, which leads to muscle growth and improves strength.” The confidence in my tone would’ve surprised me had I been sober. However, it seemed to have completely shocked him into silence while he continued to lie there and watch me. “I figured I’d help you out with that…not like you need more testosterone.”

One minute, his fingers were wrapped tightly around the Olympic bar above him. The next, his hands were gripping my hips so hard my bones ached. He tugged me forward a few inches until my pelvis lined up with his. The harsh movement caused me to topple forward a bit, and I had to hold myself up by his pecs to keep from completely falling into his hard body.

“If you want to measure the amount of testosterone in me…” he gritted out through tight lips and clenched teeth. “…then sit right here and feel my muscle grow.” It was obvious his control was in danger of slipping away.

The sweltering air around us constricted my windpipe and left behind a sheen of perspiration on my chest. It polluted my lungs until my breaths were strained and thick, clogged with lust and heady desire. Had there not been a fire kindling between my legs, I might’ve felt the effects of his words brighten my cheeks and scorch the edges of my ears.

Every muscle in my body froze—I couldn’t move. But I didn’t need to, because he used his hold on me to do it himself. His fingertips dug into the flaming ball of nerve endings at the cusp of my back, just before the rise of my ass. He pressed his thumbs into the hollow spaces above my hips as he slowly rocked me against him. Every push, every pull, added friction to my clit through my jeans and had me growing wetter.

Between the sensations of my nerves misfiring and the pressure building low in my abdomen, I dropped my head forward and released a rumbling moan. My lips parted and a wave of pleasure masked in air escaped. I hadn’t realized my eyelids had fallen closed until my posture changed without warning.

My hands gripped his shirt, but instead of leaning over him, I now sat in an upright position with his face close to mine. Humid air billowed against my cheek, turning my skin sticky and unbearably warm from his strained breaths. My fingers found their way to his shoulders where I held on for the ride he provided. No longer were his ministrations slow, but fast and hard. He didn’t just rocket my hips against his, he pushed his hips upward to add even more friction.

More power.

More pleasure.

Author Bio

Leddy Harper had to use her imagination often as a child. She grew up the only girl in a house full of boys. At the age of fourteen, she decided to use that imagination and wrote her first book, and never stopped.

She often calls writing her therapy, using it as a way to deal with issues through the eyes of her characters.

She is now a mother of three girls, leaving her husband as the only man in a house full of females.

The decision to publish her first book was made as a way of showing her children to go after whatever it is they want to. Love what you do and do it well. Most importantly Leddy wanted to teach them what it means to overcome their fears.

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distracted-by-her-ban Today we have the blog tour for Distracted by Her by Caitlyn Blue. Check out this fantastic contemporary romance and grab your copy today!! distracted-by-her About Distracted by Her: Windy City Millionaire Devlin Stone is about to discover that love and revenge don't mix. Fifteen years ago my father went to jail for crime he didn't commit. Now, I'm back to take revenge on the man who sent him there. He believes himself untouchable, and for the most part, he is. His daughter, however, is very touchable and well within my reach. I remember her as a sweet kid, who took piano lessons from my mother. These days she's a complicated woman, who has a knack for distracting me from my retribution. She wants to save me. I intend to ruin her. Things are going to get interesting.

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He gives me a sardonic smile. “You’re not the person I thought you were.”
“Because you realized I wasn’t having an affair with Edward?”
“So you used me.” His flagrant sexual energy smothers my common sense. But it’s my optimism that drives me. Swallowing anxiety, I take a single step into the bedroom. “And yet…you touch me as if you want more than to upset my father. Like maybe you want me.”
Shit. Shit. Shit. When was the last time I felt like this?
Wild. Reckless. Insatiable.
On the back of Jason’s motorcycle. Drowning in his hot kisses and lost in a frenzy of youthful desire. In those glorious, innocent days I threw myself into adventure and always emerged unscathed.
Senior year of high school, Edward and Barbara taught me the value of caution and I was forever ruined. I settled into my safe life, chose staid, predictable dates, and forgot all about the intoxicating joy of dangerous men and risky situations. Until Devlin Stone reappeared in my life.
I take another step in his direction. “Do you?”
He laughs bitterly. “You can’t play me. I made up the rulebook. This isn’t going to convince me to leave your father alone.”
“That’s not what this is about.”
“No?” His regard is hot enough to melt me where I stand.
I shake my head. “This is about you and me.” I flow into his space and touch his bare forearm. “And this.”
His arm tenses. Any second I expect him to throw off my hand.
“This isn’t going to help him.”
“So you’ve said.” I peek up at his face. A muscle tics in his cheek, but the rest of his features are carved of granite. “But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be with you.”
“I’m the furthest thing from good for you.”
“Should I stay or go?” I barely hear myself above the rapid thump of my heart. When he doesn’t answer, I persist. “Do you want me to beg?” My words are sheer bravado. I’m dismayed at the thought that he might reject me after all.
“I want,” he exhales slowly, “to sink into your hot little body and make you completely mine. I intend to wipe the memory of any other man's touch from your mind until you can't get away from me. Ever.”
His possessiveness obliterates what little pride I have left. “Then I’m yours.”
I freeze when he gathers a handful of my dress and begins raising the material an inch at a time. It slides against my thighs, a silken caress that intensifies the trembling in my muscles. Once my entire leg is bared, he skims his fingers beneath the elastic waistband of my oh-so unsexy panties. I’d worn the damned things because I didn’t want to feel sexy and attractive around Devlin. Now I wish I’d donned the thinnest of silk.
The white cotton bites into my hip and rubs against my thigh as he peels the material down my legs. I’m further turned on by his urgency. I take a deep breath and stare at the king-size bed as he kneels at my feet. With one hand on his shoulder for balance, I step out of my underwear.
To my shock, instead of dropping my panties to the floor, Devlin slides them into his pocket. I gape at him as he straightens to his full height once more. Are they a souvenir? I almost laugh at the thought. A hysterical chuckle might have escaped me if I hadn’t picked that second to glance at his face. His expression staggers me.
His wild, reckless eyes are fixed on my lips. He draws his eyebrows together in what appears to be consternation while the rest of his features remain unyielding. Then a muscle jumps in his cheek.

Each second he remains immobile stretches my nerves. I understand that he’s offering me time to change my mind, but I have no intention of doing that. I’m scorched by the heat of his hunger and unable to move while I wait for whatever comes next. Somewhere in the back of my mind crouches the hope that he isn’t beyond redemption. That love can save him. I just don’t know how much of my heart I’ll risk in the process.

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