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Christmas with the Sheriff

by Victoria James A Shadow Creek, Montana Novel Publication Date: November 7, 2016 Genres: Adult, Entangled: Bliss, Holiday, Romance


Synopsis: After fleeing her beloved small town five years ago, Julia Bailey is back to spend Christmas with her family. Returning is hard, but keeping the devastating secret about her late husband is even harder. Her place isn’t in Big Sky Country any longer…but the more time she spends with the irresistible Sheriff who saved her once before, and his adorable little daughter, the more Julia starts wishing she could let go of the past and start a new life.
Single dad and county Sheriff Chase Donovan had been secretly in love with his best friend’s wife for years. But after her traumatic loss he knew Julia needed to get away from Shadow Creek, even though helping her leave was the last thing he wanted to do. Now she’s home and he doesn’t intend to lose her a second time. Chase is going to prove to Julia just how good they can be together this Christmas…and forever. christmas-with-the-sheriff-teaser-1-vjgoodreads-badge-add-38px

Christmas with the Sheriff by Victoria James


He’d come to the conclusion before she came home for Christmas that he needed to stop feeling guilty about his feelings for her. He’d never done anything to let on that he was in love with Julia. Never to Michael, Jack, or Julia. It had been his secret and he’d been willing to go on his whole life without ever letting it out.

            More than anything, more than his feelings for her, his wanting her, he wanted a happy ending for her. He wanted their little boy to be alive. He wanted Michael to be alive.

            Nothing had ever come close to hurting more than when he found out about the accident. And then witnessing the pure hell Julia went through. He vowed to his friend the day of the funeral that he would watch out for her. But then she was packing up and tearfully trying to tell him why she couldn’t stay in Shadow Creek, and hell, he couldn’t blame her one bit.

            But now she was back. And God, he’d missed her.

            “Looking for a Christmas tree?”

            She shot him a surprised glance, looking over at him. “Oh, hey, Chase.” Her full lips pulled into a gorgeous smile and he cursed himself. He didn’t need to be noticing her mouth. He turned away to look at the lot full of trees.

            “No, I just love the smell. I was out for a walk and thought I might do some Christmas shopping.”

            “You walked here?”

            She nodded. The tip of her nose was pink and her cheeks were rosy. “I had to. They have all been force-feeding me pies and cookies. This morning, I walked into the kitchen to find Edward sitting alone at the kitchen table eating pie. Minutes later Cassy comes in and he shoved the pie at me, and I had to pretend it was mine and eat it! I’m not going to fit into my clothes by Christmas.”

            Chase laughed and tried not to sound like he was choking. He didn’t want to think of her figure. Julia thought it was some nonchalant ha-ha comment, while he thought of beautiful curves. Perfect curves. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” He wanted to add that he thought all her pounds were in the nicest places, but he had no intention of coming off like some sort of creep. Or someone who’d been in love with her since high school. Or like someone who hung her picture on the front of his refrigerator door next to Luigi the pizza guy. Dammit.


Victoria James Victoria James is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. Victoria always knew she wanted to be a writer and in grade five, she penned her first story, bound it (with staples and a cardboard cover) and did all the illustrations herself. Luckily, this book will never see the light of day again. In high school she fell in love with historical romance and then contemporary romance. After graduating University with an English Literature degree, Victoria pursued a degree in Interior Design and then opened her own business. After her first child, Victoria knew it was time to fulfill her dream of writing romantic fiction. Victoria is a hopeless romantic who is living her dream, penning happily-ever-after’s for her characters in between managing kids and the family business. Writing on a laptop in the middle of the country in a rambling old Victorian house would be ideal, but she’s quite content living in suburbia with her husband, their two young children, and very bad cat. Sign up for Victoria’s Newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming releases and exclusive giveaways, follow her blog for daily antics and insight into her daily life, and get to know her on twitter and Facebook. She loves hearing from readers!

Snowbound with Mr. Wrong

by Barbara White Dailee A Snowflake Valley Novel Publication Date: November 7, 2016 Genres: Adult, Entangled: Bliss, Holiday, Romance


Synopsis: Worst. Day. Ever. After Lyssa Barnett’s sister tricks her into reprising her role at Snowflake Valley’s annual children’s party, she doesn’t think anything can be worse than squeezing into her too-small elf costume. Then tall, dark, and way too handsome Nick Tavlock shows up to play Santa…and an unexpected storm leaves them snowbound in the isolated lodge. The last thing Nick wants is to spend a cozy Christmas Eve with a trio of kids and the woman who dumped him. But as much as Lyssa frustrates him, he can’t stop thinking about her. And soon, he’s fighting very un-Santa-like thoughts of kissing a certain sexy Miss Elf under the mistletoe. As Nick starts to fall for Lyssa all over again, he knows it will take nothing short of a miracle to have Lyssa in his arms on Christmas Day.

Snowbound with Mr. Wrong by Barbara White Daille

Lyssa plopped the large bowl of popcorn in the middle of the coffee table and distributed the thread and needles she had found in the linen closet upstairs. At this rate, she would have to make a list of items to replace for Amber.
Mollie and Tommy went to work enthusiastically, and even Brent pitched in without a word of complaint. It was watching Nick, though, that made her heart melt. Making Christmas decorations might not have been his “thing,” but he definitely had some skill at working with kids.
He helped Tommy thread a needle, guiding the little boy’s hand until he had slipped the thread through the needle’s eye. Flushed by his success, Tommy proudly insisted upon threading everyone’s needle himself.
When Mollie groaned in frustration after trying to add a half-dozen kernels to her thread, Nick showed her how to pierce the thickest part of the popped corn to prevent it from breaking.
And when it came time to drape the strands on the tree, he asked Brent’s opinion as to the best placement. She had never heard the quiet teen talk and laugh as much as he had in this short time.
She could so easily see Nick with children of his own…and hers… But she had already decided there was no point in dreaming about a future with him. Considering his single-minded focus on work, he could never be the man for her.
She got to her feet and, forcing a smile, said, “I think it’s time for some hot chocolate.”
Four voices rose in agreement, and she escaped gratefully to the kitchen. The more she saw of Nick connecting with the kids, the harder it was for her to watch and the more she wanted to stay away. Yet she knew this trip to the kitchen was only a temporary reprieve.
She just hadn’t realized how temporary.
She had barely started heating the milk in a pan on the stove when Nick entered the kitchen. He came to lean against the counter beside her. “Need something?” she asked brightly.
“Yeah. To tell you I forgot how much fun it is being around you. It’s been a great afternoon.”
She flushed. “No thanks to me. That’s all on the kids. They’re quite a bunch.”
“And you’re quite a woman.”
“No, I’m—”
He reached up and touched his finger to her lips. “Don’t do that, Lyssa. Don’t sell yourself short.” He moved his hand to trace her chin. A shiver tickled along her jaw. “You know what else I need?”
“Hot chocolate?”
“That, too. And this.”
He leaned down and brushed his mouth against hers. He tasted so like the man she had fallen for months ago. His kiss was so tender, so sweet, she couldn’t help but want more. Another thought hovered at the edges of her mind, a thought she felt sure she didn’t want to know. Not now. Not here. Not when his taste and his touch and his total concentration on her were all exactly what she needed. 
One dizzying kiss led to another and then another, until she had to curl her fingers in the fabric of his T-shirt to keep herself standing upright. But finally she forced herself to come to her senses. She tilted her head back and whispered, “Stop.”
“Why?” he murmured.
“What would we say if one of the kids walked in?”
“That the chocolate will be ready as soon as I’m done kissing the cook.”


From the time she was a toddler, Barbara found herself fascinated by those things her mom called “books.” Once she learned the words between the covers held the magic of storytelling, she wanted to see her words in print so she could weave that magic spell for others. After much hard work at her craft, she achieved her longtime dream when she began selling romance and mystery fiction to national and regional publications. Not long after, she received “The Call” from Harlequin Books and sold her first two novels. Since then, her books have garnered many positive reviews, appeared on numerous bestseller lists, and won a number of awards. Originally from the East Coast, award-winning author Barbara White Daille now lives with her husband in the warm, sunny Southwest, where they don’t mind the lizards in their front yard but could do without the scorpions in the bathroom. Barbara hopes you will enjoy reading her stories and will find your own storytelling magic in them!



Title: The Cowboy and the Pencil-Pusher
Author: S.C. Wynne
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: October 27, 2016


Paul Smith prefers his calculator to people. People are annoying and demanding, but numbers will never let you down. He works tirelessly for his dad’s mortgage firm, foreclosing when it makes financial sense, and not losing any sleep over it either. Paul’s dad has always been a demanding taskmaster. But when he has a major health scare, Paul’s dad see’s the error of his ways. He decides he wants to change to a more benevolent business model. After having decades of harsh business practices drilled into him, Paul is not a fan of his dad’s new idea.

Cort Callahan lives and has worked on his granddad’s ranch most of his life. But times are hard and they’ve fallen behind on their mortgage. When Paul’s dad decides he wants to offer them a way out of debt, if they’ll just go along with his unorthodox idea of turning the spread into a dude ranch, it’s hard to tell who thinks it’s a worse idea: Paul or Cort.

But when Cort and his granddad take the deal, Paul is forced to work closely with Cort. The two men are surprised to realize they share an intense attraction that only grows stronger the more they’re around each other.

The problem is Paul has spent his life trusting numbers and calculations. No matter how much he wants Cort, when he looks at how different they are from each other, the two of them just don’t add up.

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“We should probably discuss what Marty’s decision is about the dude ranch.” I examined my fork as I spoke. “If you’re going to tell me to stick it up my ass again, I should get my steak to go.”

He lowered his menu and winced. “Yeah, sorry about that; Marty and I feel better after talking to Frank.”

I set my cutlery down and met his gaze. “So do I take my food to go or not?”

“If we say no to your proposal what happens?”

“I go back to LA.” I left unsaid what we both knew; that if they rejected our proposal I’d be initiating foreclosure proceedings against Marty. “Are you going to say no?”

Cort leaned forward. “Maybe we should wait until the drinks come before I answer.”

“That doesn’t sound promising.” I had mixed feelings. I knew my dad would be happy if Marty said yes, and I liked it when he was happy because then he stopped harping at me. But if Marty agreed to the project I was stuck in this little town for at least three months. My dad had it in his head it was good for me to supervise these ventures of his because it got me away from my computer.

As if on cue the waitress brought our drinks and after she walked away Cort finally spoke, “Who manages a project like this?”

“Me. For now. Just like I did in Texas. My dad isn’t up to it yet since he gets tired easily.” I felt breathless as I held his enigmatic gaze. “So what’s Marty’s decision?”

He sipped his beer, wiping foam from his lips with one tanned finger. “Marty wants to go for it.”

“Yeah?” A strange feeling akin to relief washed through me. I was confused by why that would be, but there was no denying I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. “I won’t lie. I’m surprised.”

“You put the fear of God into Marty. He knows he won’t get any mercy from you if he says no.”

My face warmed but I held my expression steady. “He’ll thank me in the end. He’s going to be a wealthy man.”

“Some would say he already is.”

“You probably mean something sappy like already he’s rich with friends and family?” I arched one brow.


“Please. I’m not talking about that kind of nonsense.” I rolled my eyes and held up my menu, shielding my face. “I mean he’ll be wealthy in a way that matters.”

Author Bio

S.C. Wynne started writing m/m in 2013. She loves writing m/m and her characters are usually a little jaded, funny and ultimately redeemed through love.

S.C loves red wine, margaritas and Seven and Seven's. Yes, apparently S.C. Wynne is incredibly thirsty. S.C. Wynne loves the rain and should really live in Seattle but instead has landed in sunny, sunny, unbelievably sunny California. Writing is the best profession she could have chosen because S.C. is a little bit of a control freak. To sit in her pajamas all day and pound the keys of her laptop controlling the every thought and emotion of the characters she invents is a dream come true.

If you'd like to contact S.C. Wynne she is amusing herself on Facebook at all hours of the day or you can contact her at

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Title: Stoke of Luck
Author: Posy Roberts
Genre: M/M Romance
Available Now on Kindle Unlimited Publisher: Labyrinth Bound Press
After everything Marc owned burned to a crisp, he’s living off the kindness of others. A model condo is his temporary home, and his last dime went to essentials. He doesn’t need another distraction, but the fates conspire against him, setting up a chain of encounters that bring him face to face with Cas 
Cas’s love life has been in limbo for years, lovers moving on as soon as they discover how close he is to his best friend, Maisie. Then he meets Marc. The attraction between the two men can’t be denied, but Cas isn’t sure he can risk his friendship for a guy who will only end up leaving when he sees how close he and Maisie are.
When Marc and Cas discover they live in the same building, it’s kismet. But Marc has to invite chaos into his life if he and Cas stand a chance, and Cas faces a choice between friendship and love. Luck may be on their side... if they're willing to risk it all.

Scene setup: Marc is shopping for kitchen items and clothes at Goodwill to replace what burned in a fire a week ago. He runs into Cas and Maisie looking for Halloween costumes.
“Oh. My. Gawd!” the blonde woman said, voice rising in pitch with each word.
“What do you think?” A built guy with jacked-up shoulders and an amazing ass that had been poured into tight, red jeans walked in front of Marc and over to his previous dance partner. The guy wiggled his hips in a mesmerizing way.
“Cas… oh my God. Turn around! Let me see that ass.”
Marc watched as… Cas turned. The woman spanked him, and Cas stuck his ass out as if asking for “another, please.”
“They look amazing. What do you think?”
“Hmmm.” Cas looked over his shoulder at his reflection in the mirror, and Marc noticed a white streak in his dark hair, about two inches wide. “Well, Maisie, I think these are it. Now, if I can find a red leather jacket, that would be great. You still have those leather pieces at home from the vest you made last year, right?”
“Yeah. You gonna embellish?”
“Mhmm.” Cas marched over to the jackets and stood right across from Marc. Maisie went back to picking through the racks a few rows away.
Marc found himself staring outright at the hot guy and studying that streak in his hair. He tore his attention back to the coats, hunting for something that could serve for both work and casual. A peacoat would be nice, if he could afford it.
“Look at this!” Cas was enthusiastic as he slipped on a hideous red jacket, but Maisie ignored him.
Marc couldn’t keep his snort of laughter in. The coat was that bad.
“Something funny?” Cas asked with a bitch brow.
Marc bit his lip and shook his head before double-checking the size on the coat he’d just found. He slipped it over his shoulders. It felt comfortable.
“What? What’s so funny?”
“Nothing. I’m sorry. It’s just….”
“Laughing at the queer guy willing to try something besides black or navy, huh?” Cas gestured to the navy wool coat Marc wore.
“No. It’s not that. It’s just that… you look… you look like….”
Maisie came to the rescue. “Get that off, Cas! You look like Michael Jackson. All it’s missing is silver zippers and spangles on the shoulders. Off!”
Marc slipped the navy coat in his cart and had started to make his escape when he was stopped by Cas’s apology. “Sorry, man.” When Marc turned back, he was glad to see the hideous coat was no longer on Cas, and Maisie was tucking it deep between other clothes so no one else needed to be accosted by it. “I didn’t mean to imply you were homophobic or anything.” Cas shrugged.
“I’d be a hypocrite if I were.” Marc gave Cas what he hoped was his warmest smile, and then he winked.
Posy Roberts writes about the realistic struggles of men looking for love. Whether her characters are family men, drag queens, or lonely men searching for connections, they all find a home in her stories.
Posy is a Jill of all trades and master of the drill and paintbrush. She’s married to a partner who makes sure she doesn’t forget to eat or sleep during her writing frenzies. Her daughter, a budding author and cinematographer, helps her come up with character names. For fun, Posy enjoys crafting, hiking, and singing spontaneously about the mundane, just to make regular life more interesting.


AP new - synopsis.jpg

Event planner for the rich and famous, Lucky Nuñez lives her dream job. But when it comes to love, she’s scraping the bottom of the barrel. She’s dying to have babies, but it seems that’s never going to happen. A chance encounter leads her into the arms of Jared Thomas. He’s a bad boy to the bone. Sexy, seductive, and so domineering, he makes her toes curl. And he’s got dirty talk down to an art form.

Jared Thomas is a ladies’ man, but when he meets sexy Lucky, he knows she’s worthy of more than just play time. Never has he wanted to keep a woman like he does her. He will make her his wife and mother of his children. There’s only one problem: his past is trying to kill his future.

They have more than communication problems playing havoc with their relationship. With trust issues the size of Texas, these two need to open up to each other. That’s if they can stay alive long enough to try.

“We’ve only played one game. Let’s do another.”
Her eyes widened. She opened her mouth but said nothing. Tipping the glass, she drank the rest of her champagne. He wondered if she was feeling the effects of the liquor yet. She’d had four glasses.
She sat in front of him, her legs curled under her. Nerves were no longer visible in her gaze. “Okay, but this time let’s make it more fun.”
“Whatever you want, it’s your game.”
“Cool. Strip poker.”
He choked, cursing himself for taking a drink of his champagne at that moment. “Strip poker?”
She nodded. A sensual smile teased her lips. “You know you want to.”
Hell yeah, he wanted to. He didn’t know what caused the change, but he liked this flirty, self-assured version of her.
Once he’d dealt both of them cards, he watched her brow furrow in concentration. Silence reigned. Both picked and discarded cards, until she glanced up, a provocative grin on her lips.
“Full house,” she said triumphantly and showed her cards. Her lips lifted into a full-blown smile. “Let’s see your cards.”
“If you insist.” He displayed his cards for her. “Four of a kind.”
“Shit!” Her eyes went wide with surprise. “I should’ve stuck to blackjack. That’s my game, but no, I had to go change it up.”
He laughed. The sound of her self-recrimination was too funny to ignore. Her gaze lifted, attached to his, and ignited hunger in his veins.
“So…you did lose,” he teased.
She laughed and winked at him. “That I did.”
His cock, which was still rock-hard from their previous kisses, throbbed. With slow grace, she got to her feet and glanced at him. His throat went dry when she brought her hands up to the back of her neck.
He watched and waited. But the top stayed on. She smirked, as if she knew he’d been holding his breath to see her topless. Yeah, he was a sick bastard and couldn’t wait to get her out of her clothes, but he’d known that from the moment he’d laid eyes on her. She glided her hands over her torso, caressing her full breasts, and down to her waist. He gulped.
Oxygen reeled in his chest. Fire crackled between them, raising the bar in his already painful arousal. She slipped her hands under the slits at the side of her skirt and tugged, until he saw a pair of crimson silk bikini panties sliding down her legs. She bent down, displaying her breasts in a bird’s-eye view. It was the first time in his life he’d hoped for a wardrobe malfunction. Her breasts strained the material of her top until he swore they were going to fall out and he’d finally get to see parts of her luscious body he’d been dying to. But they didn’t.
The panties dropped to the carpet and she kicked them his way. He grabbed the damp silk and glanced up at her.
“There’s your first win. Care to go again?”
He’d kill whoever got in his way. But he couldn’t outwardly show his desperate need for her. A man had his pride. Instead, he kept his face neutral and grinned. “It’s your game, sweetheart. I’m more than willing to go on.”
She kneeled in front of him and sat back on her heels. Knowing she had nothing under the slinky skirt was making it damn hard for him to concentrate on his game. He lost the second round because all he wanted was to slide his hands into the slits at the sides of her skirt and caress her thighs, dip into her pussy and find out how wet she was.
Enticing a woman who wasn’t throwing herself at him was an unfamiliar experience. He went for the shirt and undid each button slowly, all the while keeping his gaze fixated on her.
It was hard to keep the pleasure from showing on his face when she peered at him from under her lashes and licked her lips. Temptation propelled him to kiss her again, to touch her and suck her pliant lips.
“Again?” He was used to being sure of himself, but her heated look stroking his body made him want to roar. Now to control his need to make sure he didn’t fill her with his seed all night long and keep her barefoot and pregnant in a kitchen when he wasn’t even sure she’d be interested in a date with him.
Right now, her eyes told him she’d let him do anything he wanted. He would do it all, because in the back of his mind he knew she would one day be his. The mother of his children. Why wait to get that started?

AP  new -about the author.jpg

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Milly Taiden (AKA April Angel) loves to write sexy stories. How sexy? So sexy they will surely make your ereader sizzle. Usually paranormal or contemporary, her stories are a great quick way to satisfy your craving for fun heroines with curves and sexy alphas with fur.
Milly lives in New York City with her hubby, their boy child and their little dog “Needy Speedy”. She’s aware she’s bossy, is addicted to shoe shopping, chocolate (but who isn’t, right?) and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.
She loves to meet new readers!

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