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Title: The Final Chase (Final Love #2)
Author: Jessica Florence
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 21, 2016


I never thought a wallaby, Henley shirts, and a horse’s rectal exam would have anything in common.

Turns out they did.

Jake Wild. Owner of Wild rescue for exotic animals.

He’s everything I’m not, my polar opposite.

I’m heels and my salon,

He’s dirt and his creatures.

But much like the animals he cares for, he’s got that carnal edge

He’s the type of man you crawl on your hands and knees for with your ass up in the air. 

He bites, he's on the hunt, and now I’m his prey

A chance meeting and a bet started the undeniable attraction between us. 

But I’m not giving my heart and soul away that easy, he’s going to have to catch me first.

It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse,

But will it be the Final Chase? 

I don’t like dirt, and I don’t really have a fondness for animals, either. In my opinion, it was a testimony to my love for my niece, Natalie, that I was sitting at Wild Rescue, surrounded by both. Natalie, who was turning seven, loved animals, and wanted to have a cool birthday party with her friends. In her eyes, the exotic animal rescue center was the best thing ever. I was just waiting for an animal to escape and eat me. I had bad luck like that sometimes.
Just a few days ago, I was standing outside my salon when a dog peed on my stilettos. I kid you not. The little thing lifted its little leg and leaked on me, then sashayed off with its bedazzled collar winking in the sun. It was traumatizing, to say the least.
“Auntie Cammy! You have to come see this wallaby. You can feed it, too! Come on!” Little Natalie grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the little fuzzy creature. Although, what really caught my eye was the man squatting down next to the fuzz ball. Big, blond, and filled out his jeans and flannel pretty well. My little B-cup boobies perked right up. I could stand to pet him a little. He gave Natalie a handful of some sort of feed and held her hands out to the creature. It didn’t look too bad. Maybe I could give this a shot for her.
“Here you go Mrs….?” The man trailed off, as if asking a question. My, my, he was quite flirty already.
“No Mrs. here. The name is Cammy.” I squatted down as best as I could in my tea length dress. It was a birthday party, after all; who didn’t want to wear a pretty dress to a birthday party?
“Just hold out your hand,” he said, with a hint of a country accent. Ooh, I liked that. My blue eyes connected with his brown. Yeah, I could totally tap that if I wanted to. I held out my hand and he placed some little pellets in my palm. Big hands. I wondered if he was big everywhere.
My gaze drifted down to the little kangaroo-looking thing. I was getting a little nervous. It hopped from Natalie’s hand over to mine and sniffed it. I bit my lip, waiting to see if it would be a nice little creature and eat the food then move on, or if it would do something horrible. I felt its little muzzle touch my hand, making me audibly sigh my relief.
“Wallabies are sweet creatures; this one here is named Dundee.” The man looked at me, then down at Dundee. Dundee probably wouldn’t be slaying any crocodiles soon, but he wasn’t so bad.
Then the pain hit.
“HOLY HELL! OW! OH MY GOD THAT HURTS!” That fucker bit me. Bit me hard. I fell back on my ass, bright pink panties on display for all the little kiddies to see. I didn’t care. I might not have a finger on my left hand anymore! I panicked. Somehow while holding my left hand with my right, I managed to get to my feet.
“I need a doctor! Call the paramedics!” I screeched at the flannel man while he looked at me like I was crazy.
“Let me see your hand please, ma’am.” He held out his to me. I looked at him in disgust. He told me that thing was sweet. Obviously not!
“No, thank you. Just point me to where I can find a first aid kit, please.” I calmed my tone. I subtly felt that all my fingers were still attached, but I bet that bite broke some skin. I would fix myself up. I didn’t need some man in flannel who had dirt covering his shoes tending to my wounds. Yeah, I was not in a nice mood right now. Being bit to hell would turn anyone.
“Just follow that trail to the lodge. Ask for Jake.” He threw his hands up in surrender and then turned his attention back to the vicious beast. When I turned to follow said trail, I noticed everyone at the party was looking at me. Shit.
“I’m good, just going to the lodge. I have to wash my hands and pee.” I avoided the what the hell look coming from my older sister and fled towards the lodge in search of a man named Jake.
I passed a tall fence that looked like it went on for a good acre or so. I wondered what lived in there. I got my answer when a pack of wolves ran by. I swear one looked at me like I was a juicy steak, but it could have just been me. I saw a house up ahead with a little sign that said The Lodge. It was a two story ranch-style home. Not really a lodge, but whatever. It supposedly held my salvation.
I stepped up the wooden stairs, my heels clicking as I made my way to the bright red door. I knocked, no reply. I knocked again and called out a greeting. Nothing. Peeking in the window next to the door, I saw a table covered with papers but no one in sight.
Voices hit my delicate ears, and it sounded like they were coming from around the house. I walked along the wrap-around porch and saw a barn. Those voices started up again, so I stepped down the stairs and walked the ten yards over to the red barn. It was cute. I really needed to get that first aid kit.
“All right, let’s see if Ole Gemma here is having a foal. Jake, you can handle the exam. I’ve taught you and this will be good for the future if she is.” An older male voice told Jake.
JAKE! I quickened my pace towards the voice, looking over the wooden fence at the men.
“OH, HELL NO!” I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.
In the first second, time seemed to slow. I saw sexy brown hair, and a trimmed beard running along a chiseled jaw, and perfect lips. Oh, and one of the hottest bods I had ever laid eyes on. He was lean, but had big muscles bulging from his arms.
In the next second, that is where everything went wrong. Those bulging muscles in his arms? Well one of those arms was elbow-deep in a horse’s ass.
Yep, a horse’s ass.
Eyes of both gentlemen turned towards me.
“Why do you have your whole arm up a horse’s ass?” My injury was forgotten. I couldn’t understand what I was seeing.
“We are doing a rectal exam to see if the lady is in the family way,” said the older man, who was not fisting a horse. I didn’t speak. I was still in what the hellmode.
“We can feel the uterus this way and determine size and hardness to see if she is indeed pregnant.” He tried again. I understood him this time, but still wanted to take a Lysol dip after seeing that. Tearing my eyes away from the horse’s backside, I looked at the men.
“I’m looking for Jake. The wallaby bit me and I need a first aid kit.” They stared at me.
“Please.” I added for sincerity. The one man pulled his arm out from the horse. Thank God he was wearing a very long glove. But still.Ewww.
“I’m Jake. Head into the lodge and I’ll be there in a minute. The back door is open.”
Back door jokes flooded my brain after what I had just seen, but I held them back. Didn’t need to make this moment any more awkward than it already was.
“Uh, goodluck with that.” I nodded and turned to go back to the lodge. This is what happened when a girl like me went out into the woods.
I walked up the stairs and opened the back door. My mind was still reeling from that experience. The inside of the lodge was cozy, but seriously lacked organization. It looked like someone’s home. It was a fairly open floor plan. The dining table, like I had seen earlier, had papers scattered about. The living room had a couple of dog beds on the floor and one sofa. The kitchen was pretty nice, though, with commercial appliances. Someone must spend a ton of time cooking. I was looking around when the back door opened. I turned to see Jake,who had melt-your-panties blue eyes that were looking straight at me.
“I didn’t catch your name, Miss?” Oh God, his voice. His voice sounded like rain during a summer storm. Soothing, but powerful. That power ran through my veins, making me shiver. Cue wet panties. I shook my head.
“Cammy. Just Cammy. I need a first aid kit.” He took a couple steps toward me. Hello, gorgeous.
“Because the wallaby bit you.” He stated. His eyes scanned over me, watching me. It was a little unnerving and arousing.
Lord, I needed to get laid.
“Yes.” I felt like we were in one of those scenes in a book where the heroine takes steps back while defying the hero, as he stalks towards her, pinning her against the wall. Why? It just seemed intense for such little words.
“May I see your hand please, Cammy?” I won’t even dignify the feelings I got from hearing him say my name. I held my hands out to him and slowly unwrapped my right from my left. His larger, tan hands took hold of mine. Tingles shot up my arm and down the rest of me. Oh,my! Then a tinge of pain entered the picture. My middle finger had a bite mark around it. Nothing serious, but it should be cleaned. Maybe I had been a little over dramatic.
“Looks okay. I’ll go get you some hand wipes.” He let go of my hand and headed into the kitchen. I took a moment to appreciate the fine specimen of manliness as he walked away. He had a nice ass. His jeans and Henley shirt did not hide what was underneath at all. When he came back, I continued my appraisal. He had nice hair,short and chestnut brown. Not styled. His skin looked pretty good, too. Tan. No freckles. Those eyelashes. Man, I had women in my salon spend tons of money to have eye lashes like that.
“Here. I think you’re gonna live,” he teased. Normally I would have found that jab funny, but I was still traumatized from everything that had occurred in the past hour. My natural-born defiance reared its cute red head.
“Yeah, well, you should teach your animals not to bite.” There.
“They’re wild animals. Animals can bite. Maybe you shouldn’t wear such delicious-smelling hand lotion,” he commented back. His eyebrows rose and his lips grew into a smirk. I scoffed. My pomegranate and vanilla hand lotion was a staple in my life. Wait a second…
“Why are you smelling my hands? Are you going to bite them too?” Why I said that was beyond me. Sometimes things just leap out of my mouth and I have no control over it.
“I can; I am an animal, you know.” That was kind of hot. I bet this Jake would be an animal in the sack. Wild and carnal. With that thought, I decided he and I were too different. I was sundresses, high heels, and make-up. I didn’t like to get dirty. Jake was clearly about the animals, since he worked here. Probably was covered in dirt all day and wouldn’t know the first thing about a girl like me.
“I can see that. Quite the little kitten, aren’t we? Well, I need to get back to the party. Thanks for the wipes, Jake.” I blew him a kiss in true Cammy fashion and strutted out the back door. Back doors were getting quite a lot of action around here, I giggled to myself.

About The Author
Jessica Florence, Kaleidoscope of Romance
Writer of Surviving Valentine. The of The Heart trilogy, Evergreen,Lights of Scotland Series, and The Final Love series.
When she's not writing her next invigorating story. You can find her running her own business, and spending time with her husband and daughter in southwest Florida.
Jessica loves to interact with her readers, find her on:

Website: http://www.jessicaflorenceauthor.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaFlorenceAuthor
Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaFlorenceAuthor
Email: http://JessicaFlorenceAuthor@gmail.com

More In The Series
The Final KO (The Final Chase #1)
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Today we have the release day launch for Without Benefits by Nicole Tone! I am so excited to share this contemporary romance with you! Check out the excerpt and giveaway! And be sure to get yours today!!

Without Benefits RDL Ban

Without Benefits cover  

About Without Benefits: Emma will always be a New Yorker at heart, even though she has a perfect life in Seattle. She has a prestigious job fundraising for the Seattle Symphony, a handsome boyfriend who adores her, and a Belltown apartment with views of the Sound. It should be more than enough to keep her pain from not playing the piano, and her 9/11 nightmares, away. But when her old college crush, Owen, comes back into her life, it’s more than just spending time with him that’s causing cracks in her picture-perfect life. As she steps back on stage, and back into the spotlight, her connection with Owen and his world, dredges up old memories that Emma worked hard to forget. Emma’s past comes back to haunt her, forcing her to face the truth about more than just her fears of returning back to New York. As her once perfect life begins to burn down, Emma is forced to figure out what she really wants: her fundraiser and cocktail party-filled life with her boyfriend, or forging a new future with the one thing, and one person, she’s ever loved–even if it means returning to New York.   Amazon BN

Exclusive Excerpt:   The piece of sheet music had sat untouched for a decade, tucked away in other sheet music, left at the bottom of a box. It was poor timing, finding it now. Really poor. Emma’s friends would say it was fate. Her mom and sister would say that she should sort through her things more often. Emma had to agree with her family on this one. Her thirtieth birthday coming and going sparked a nesting spree of sorts. This had to be the only reason behind finding it. Starting in the front room of their apartment and working her way back, she went through everything: cleaned off bookshelves, cleaned out closets, dusted, touched up, changed out artwork. There were some things—like the pile of sheet music that now sat on her kitchen table, the piece of sheet music that she couldn’t stop staring at—she wasn’t sure she’d be able to part with. This binder of hand-written music, work, the e-mail, and the wedding coming up—she just couldn’t escape Owen any longer. The longer time went on, the harder it was getting. Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around? It should’ve been easier by now. But it wasn’t, and that’s why she had an e-mail drafted. Well, sort of—it was blank still, but at least it was open. “I don’t even know what to say to you,” Emma said out loud, reading over Owen’s latest e-mail. It had landed in her mailbox a week ago with an invitation to dinner and she still hadn’t given him an answer. She closed doors on everything in her past, always. She’d left New York, and the empty spaces in the skyline, and didn’t look back. She couldn’t—it hurt too much. Emma never spoke to ex-boyfriends after the relationship expired. But Owen wasn’t an ex. Maybe it was best to rip the Band-Aid off now, privately, instead of in front of at the engagement party in front of all of their college friends. She typed up a quick, one line response: Dinner tonight? Hitting send, excitement and guilt crushed her. She hadn’t even considered her boyfriend and his feelings into the equation.

About the Author: Nicole Tone

Nicole Tone is a freelance editor, MFA student, traveller, pet collector, binge-watcher, and a self-proclaimed coffee snob. She lives in Buffalo, NY with her husband, three cats, and two very large dogs. She cheats on Buffalo with Seattle as often as she can.

Social Media Links: http://www.twitter.com/nicoleatone http://www.facebook.com/authornicoletone http://www.instagram.com/n_tone11 http://www.pinterest.com/nicoleatone  

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Title: Speechless
Series: Pier 70 #3
Author: Nicole Edwards
Genre: Adult, M/M Romance
Published: June 7, 2016
He’s suffering in silence...

Teague Carter, one of the four owners of Pier 70 Marina, has spent his life feeling rejected. To the point that he has never allowed himself to get close to anyone. He prefers it that way, in fact. But he refuses to believe that his destructive behavior might be something more than rebellion.

He’s unable to speak...

Hudson Ballard, Pier 70’s mechanic, has been fighting his attraction to Teague for years. He has stood by and watched the kid get more and more out of control, but this time is the last. If Teague wants to use sex to escape his problems, Hudson is certainly willing to be the one to show him that he’s good with more than just his hands.

Sometimes words aren’t necessary.

There are fireworks when this out-of-control bad boy agrees to no strings with this tatted up, dominating mechanic.

Can Teague and Hudson keep their emotions from getting involved in their arrangement? Or -- thanks to the demons from their pasts -- will the darkness steal from them before they have a chance?
We invite you join the Nicole & Colt Edwards Group on Facebook. Don't miss out on the fun and prizes at the Speechless Release Party happening Monday, June 7th starting at 8 AM CST till Tuesday, June 8th at 10 PM CST.

Speechless Excerpt #2 © Nicole Edwards 2016

Teague was exhausted.
He had hardly slept last night, and it only had a little to do with the fact that Hudson had summoned him over so he could watch him masturbate (which, by the way, was hot as fuck). No, after that, when Teague had gone back to his apartment and attempted to sleep, he continued to think about Hudson. The man had captured his every thought and all of his dreams. He had tossed and turned, waking up with his dick in his hand because he was so turned on it fucking hurt.
So, suffice it to say, he needed a nap, but he had agreed to help out with some of the appointments today. And that’s how he found himself sitting behind the wheel on the boat while a group of girls flirted it up with a group of guys on the pontoon they’d rented for the afternoon.
He was actually used to this type of outing. He’d even had women ask for him specifically, though he doubted they knew he was gay. Not surprising, since he didn’t bother to tell them. What was the fun in that? He’d never so much as touched a woman in his life, and he had no desire to do so, either.
From the time he was old enough to figure out what his dick was intended for, Teague knew he wasn’t interested in boobs and pussy. Nope. It’d always been dick for him.
He’d experimented early on, topping a couple of times, but quickly learned that he preferred to be fucked, to be taken hard and fast, drilled into… Bottoming was certainly what he wanted. The whole top thing … required too much control, and that was one thing he lacked. Even he knew that.
And women … they didn’t have the parts that would please him.
But he could definitely flirt when necessary because it was good for business.
His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he retrieved it while making sure no one was around him. After Hudson’s text last night, he had no idea what the guy might send over, and he damn sure didn’t want anyone else to see it. Still, he remembered the commanding message for him to come over and watch. At first, he’d thought it had been some sort of test. Without hesitating, he had gone over and… Holy fuck. If he’d been concerned about whether or not it had been wise to accept Hudson’s proposal, he was no longer worried. The guy was hung like a fucking horse, and he was dominating when it came to sex. No way could Teague go wrong there.
You cool?
The message was from Hudson, and it was the first time he’d heard from him today, so it made him smile. Hudson was checking on him.
Not that he would put too much thought into that.
Yep. All good. You?
I’d be better if you were in the shop today.
Teague’s mind conjured up a million ideas about what they could do if he was in Hudson’s tiny little office, or even out in the shop.
Figuring it was his turn to tease a little, he responded with: And what would you do if I was?
What would you want me to do?
Of course Hudson would answer the question with a question. Still, he responded honestly: Whatever you wanted.
A minute passed, and Teague figured Hudson wasn’t going to respond, but as he was putting his phone back in his pocket, it vibrated. He took a deep breath as he pulled up the text and stared at the screen.
You would be okay if I sit you on my desk and suck you off right here?
Alrighty then.
Teague was fairly certain he’d just had a hot flash.
Like, seriously.
He peered over at the people on the boat, making sure they weren’t paying any attention to him. On a normal outing, he would’ve been hanging out with them, enjoying the party, but he was too tired today. Or he had been right up until he’d imagined sitting on Hudson’s desk while Hudson sucked him off.
He tapped out a response with shaky hands: I think I could handle that.
We’ll see about that. Come find me when you get back. As soon as you get back.
Thankfully, Teague had his sunglasses on, because it gave him some privacy for his thoughts. He knew he was easy to read, and the last damn thing he wanted was for these people to see the intense lust burning in his eyes.
He glanced at his phone to check the time. Still at least an hour and a half before they would be heading back to shore.
Surely he could wait that long.

New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards launched her professional writing career in July of 2012. Having been an avid reader all of her life and a huge fan of creative writing, it seemed the likely path for her to take. Since then, she has released fifteen books and has no plans to stop. As her full-time career/hobby, Nicole writes steamy contemporary and erotic romances.

Nicole is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who was born and raised in Texas. Married with three kids and four dogs, she has plenty of interaction to keep her imagination brewing. Her books have been featured in USA Today’s Happy Ever After segment as well as Indie Reader’s best seller list. She has forged her way as an independent author.

Although she has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, she prefers to be hiding out in her writing cave, talking to the fictional characters that have built up in her head over the years.

When she isn’t writing or plotting her next book (sometimes translated to “playing on Facebook”), Nicole loves to read and spend time with her family and her dogs.

For a chance at an awesome prize and some exlcusive content from Nicole Edwards, go here:
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Title: Lovegame 
Author: Tracy Wolff
Publisher: Loveswept
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 7, 2016


Hailed by J. Kenner as an author who “knows how to steam up the pages,” Tracy Wolff delivers a darkly addictive novel of seduction and psychological obsession. The stakes are high in Lovegame, when a movie star with a shattered past meets a man who can either break her or make her whole.

True Crime novelist Ian Sharpe has spent his career writing about serial killers for very personal reasons. For his latest exposé, he is taking on the sadistic madman known as the Red Ribbon Strangler, and when his research leads him to Hollywood’s most private and provocative actress, he will break every rule to uncover her truth.

The daughter of one of Hollywood’s golden couples, chased by paparazzi and treated as a commodity her entire life, Veronica Romero wields her sex appeal like a weapon. She expects Ian to be as easy to control as every other man she’s ever known. But from the beginning, he refuses to fall into line. Mysterious and cool, challenging and just a little bit dangerous, Ian somehow makes her feel safe—even as he digs into the deepest secrets of her life and pushes her to the breaking point.

As raw ecstasy gives way to agonized truths, their dark obsession exposes secrets that have been buried for far too long. Ian wants to tear down her walls and heal the sensual woman underneath. But if Veronica’s learned anything, it’s that the line between pleasure and pain is a narrow one—and when caught between them the only thing that matters is how you play the game.

Lovegame is intended for mature audiences.

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Author Bio

New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff lives in Texas and teaches writing at her local community college. She is married and the mother of three young sons.

Author Links

Title: Revenge
Series: Phoenix Undercover #3
Author: C.A. Harms
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 7, 2016
Cover Photographer: Sara Eirew Photographer
Cover Designer: Wicked By Design
Living in fear was what they were all doing. 

It was no longer just the life of the woman he loved that was in danger, but also the life of their unborn child. The undercover case Josh led was now threatening to take away his true happiness. And he must find a way to keep his family safe from the hands of evil. 
Knowing that the devil is lurking in the darkness, Josh is left with no way to secure their safety. His fear is taking over. 
Soon Leo would finally get the chance to make them pay for ruining his life. 
His revenge was coming, and there was no one who could stop it. 
The devil is near and Gabby is his target…. 
And he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. 
The count down has begun. 
There’s nowhere to hide. 
They will all pay.


Finally! More Josh and Gabby! I loved book 1 and 2 in the series and I was really on edge because I had to wait for more of this fantastic series. The wait is over and just like the rest of the books, this one does not disappoint.
Josh is consumed with protecting Gabby and his son from Leo. Gabby is consumed with wanting her life back to the way it was before the chaos with Leo began. Gabby often finds herself surrounded by her sisters and Josh spends much of his time with fellow agents, his friends. I love that there are also little peeks into the budding relationships of Josh’s friends and Gabby’s sisters. The author did an exceptional job with utilizing the side characters. I would be very happy if this leads to even more books for this series because I love it and just can’t get enough.
Reading this book was like watching a good movie. I got lost in the suspense and the thrill of the chase as Josh and his guys were working to locate Leo. My heart broke for Josh at times for what he was faced with. The love that Josh and Gabby shared was amazing and so strong. I am a huge fan the author. I have read most of her books. The Phoenix Undercover series is my favorite because I am a huge fan of romantic suspense and I felt that she did a remarkable job with the entire series. If you haven’t read them, I recommend that you start with book 1. Now that all three are available, I am seriously considering reading them a second time! They are that good!!

“This ending is dark and gritty and packed full of action and emotion taking you on an amazing ride you won't want to get off.” - Reader Review
“What a Fan-f*cking-Tasic way to end my favorite CA Harms series” - Reader Review
“It is an intense, emotional and a fierce love story…” - Reader Review
“You can run Gabby, but I’ll find you.” He laughed with a sadistic cackle. A chilling fear rang clear as his laughter echoed off the trees. “There is nowhere to hide. No one to save you. You are mine now.” 
My feet ached as the branches broke beneath my bare feet. The darkness of the night left me with minimal clarity. It was scary being alone in the darkness, unaware of my surroundings and what may be lurking ahead. But hesitation only meant Leo may reach me; that was much scarier than any other danger ahead. 
“Gabriella.” Once again his voice rang out through the woods. 
I had no idea where we were, or how far from the city he had taken me, but I couldn’t think about that. I had to find a way back. I had to find help.  
“I’m coming for you.” A sick feeling filled my stomach as his voice sounded closer than only seconds ago. 
Something sharp cut into my foot and I gasped as I fell forward, catching myself against a tree. I reached down to pull out the sharp object that was now embedded in the heel of my foot. The blood oozed and a burning sensation made me wince as I dropped the shard of glass to the ground. A broken bottle of some kind. 
“I thought we were becoming friends. You were beginning to understand what I needed from you, and I was just starting to reconsider selling you. In fact, I even thought about keeping you all for myself,” Leo hollered. 
I hid behind a tree as I looked from side to side, hoping for some sign of where he was. I was turned around at this point and no longer knew which way I should run. 
“But you deceived me, just as your sister did. I don’t forgive easily, Gabriella. I think once we reunite you may have to give me a reason to reconsider.”  
The hidden meaning of his words terrified me. Chills ran through me as I thought about his hands on me. I cringed, remembering the way he had attempted to touch me only moments ago. There was no way I could take more. 
Thunder rumbled overhead and I jumped in surprise. A storm was approaching and I knew it would only make my escape that much harder. 
“Game’s over.” I jerked forward, trying to get away when Leo’s voice whispered in my ear. “It’s time for you to understand and accept who you belong to.” He gripped my arm as he stepped around to my side and circled his other hand around my throat. 
His grasp on my throat tightened as he leaned in closer, within inches of my face.
Rain began to fall and he smiled as he tilted his head back and allowed it to hit his face. 
His laughter broke free and I could feel the tears fill my eyes. 
I closed my eyes and pictured Josh’s smile. Memories of the day we brought our son into the world together filled my mind. That was a happy day. And if I was going to die tonight, it was the vision I wanted to be my last.
C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn't always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.