Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Harmony in Laguna by Bogna Maslanka
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Allison Shaw swore shed never let a man distract her again. Stuck living with her gossip queen of a mother after a bitter divorce from her high school sweetheart, Allison is ready to forge a path by herself. Life decides to throw a wrench in her plans when a night out with an old friend turns steamy.

Benjamin Diazs life is just the way he likes it; quiet. But it hasnt always been that way. After his mothers Alzheimers diagnosis threatened to change everything, Benjamin worked hard to return balance to his life. But a chance encounter with a high school crush threatens to change everything.

Hidden in Laguna by Cheryl Phipps
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Ballet dancer, Tania Patterson had the world at her feet until a terrible accident destroyed her career. Alone and devastated, after her boyfriend deserts her, she finds her way to Laguna beach, determined to start a new life as a wedding planner.
Braden Dorn was once a sought after piano player. Everyone wanted a piece of him, especially his grasping step-father, and then his world shattered. Now he must pick up the pieces of his life and start again.
For two wounded souls, love might be too much to ask when hearts have been shattered, and self-protection means everything.

‘The one can sometimes be hidden in plain sight.

That Gold in Laguna by Heather Hiestand
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Treasure hunter Thor Erickson stars in California Gold, a reality TV show. An outdoors buff, he wants to dig for buried gems in the wilderness, not in a rich girls Laguna Beach backyard.

Rachel McHughes is an art expert looking for a new challenge. She wants her wealthy father to sell his property so she can leave her job curating the family art collection and take a fulfilling museum position.

The California Gold producers insist the hunt for missing Hollywood Golden Age jewels is good television. The show must go on despite friction between the cast and the McHughes family.

Thor and Rachel cant avoid each other, or the incredible, sexy chemistry they generate. The treasure they discover might not be gold, but each other.

 That Gold in Laguna
By Heather Hiestand

Thor surveyed the olives, vegetables, and Italian meats. "What? You think I can't afford to buy you dinner?"
Rachel’s lips rounded and her eyebrows went up. "No, that's not it. I was just trying to take care of you. You’ve had a long, frustrating day."
He sat next to her, deliberately choosing to invade her personal space. "I'm at Justin's place for convenience. I'm paying rent. I'm not always even in town."
"I get that. You're starring on a TV show. I get that you aren't broke, Thor."
“Why do we always end up talking about money?” he asked.
Her lips pressed together. He recognized the frustration and spoke again. "I wouldn't have even tried another date if I could just get you out of my head, but I can't."
Her face relaxed. "I can't stop thinking about you either."
He propped his arm against the back of the sofa. His fingers were only inches away from that luscious fall of thick brown hair. "So now what?"
She used her foot to push the antipasto tray out of arms’ reach. "Take me to bed."
"What?" He stared at the tight points of her nipples, poking through thin fabric. Where had they come from? Had he caused that somehow? He stared down at his T-shirt and shorts. Had he found the magic seduction combo?
She nodded, her expression serene. "Sure. It's our second date. We've known each other for a few weeks. It's fine. I'm clean. You're clean?"
His higher brain function had just about shut down. "Yes, yes, of course," he answered, almost stuttering.
"So let's do this."
He pointed at the sofa. "Right here? In your father’s cabana?"
She stood. “I got rid of the cast and crew like you suggested.”
“What about your family?”
“This is a separate building.” She walked over to the door, which was open a couple of inches, and pushed it shut, turned the lock. "I dare you to have sex with me."

Dreams Come True in Laguna by Nancy Stopper
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Jake Cooper has built homes for families in Laguna Beach for years, watching others make their dreams comes true. Now its his turn to settle down, or so he thought. When his long-time girlfriend breaks up with him, hes left with the perfect family home, just without the family.
Erin Johnson grew up with very few possessions, the glamorous lives of her high school classmates out of reach. Right as she prepared to start her life, a family tragedy forces her to derail her plans. Ten years later, with her college diploma in hand, Erins ready for adventure and freedom from responsibility.
When she meets Jake, she questions everything she thought she wanted.
Is it possible to build new dreams when the right person comes along?

Wed by a Seal in Laguna by Zoe York
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Julie Collins fell hard and fast for Lt. Jason Steyner, but actually marrying the guy is proving easier said than done. First the winery theyd picked in Napa burned down, then his next tour of duty got moved up. Now they have four weeks to find a new venue, tell everyone about the change of plans—and oh yeah, get married.

A whirlwind trip to Laguna Beach gets the wedding plans back on track, and gives the Navy SEAL and his flight attendant fiancĂ© a much-needed weekend away from the chaos of work and planning. The countdown is on. One month to go until Julie is wed by the SEAL…

The countdown is on to the first day of the rest of their lives! A SEALs Undone reunion story.

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