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Today we have the blog tour for WRECK by Stacey Brandon & Karen Bell! Check out this great series and enter their giveaway today!

wreck-bk3-cover About Wreck: Kyle can have almost any woman he wants… except the one he wants most. If he falls for his boss’s daughter, it could be the biggest mistake of his life. He’s made more than his fair share. It would ruin his relationship with the man he considers almost a father, and besides, she deserves someone better than him anyway. Kinleigh knows the minute she sees the bartender in her dad’s bar that they are meant to be together. She’s heard all about his good business head, how trustworthy he is, and how much potential he has… but learning he is also the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes on had cinched the deal. She might look sweet and innocent, but looks can be deceiving. She’ll do whatever it takes to show him they belong together. Can they learn that trusting each other is the only way to find happiness? Or will they let prejudices destroy their lives?

Grab your copy today! (Book 1) Crash: http://goo.gl/FaLxaa (Book 2) Fall: http://goo.gl/eooCbn (Book 3) Wreck: https://goo.gl/EIckkl

Excerpt #5

     I will hunt down the sorry son of bitch that did this… and kill him.

     “Kyle?  What’s wrong?” Kinleigh comes out of the office and immediately joins me at the bar as I pour myself a drink and slam it back.

     “It took me months of work to make her perfect!”  I pour another drink. “And someone dares to fuck with her?” It goes down as quickly as the first shot had and I enjoy the burn of it.

     “Kyle.” Kinleigh lays a hand on my arm and stops me from pouring a third drink. “Tell me what happened.”

     “The Scrambler…my bike…” I let my voice trail off and think about the carnage I just discovered. 

     A few minutes ago, after hours of working on some new advertising promotions for the bar, Kinleigh’s stomach had started voicing hunger complaints loud and clear.  Being the decent guy that I am… and fucking starving myself…I’d offered to run down the street to the new Thai place for some takeout.  Leaving her alone in the office, I’d gone out to the back parking lot to jump on my bike.  What I found had made me sick. 

     “What happened?” she asks again, looking more panicked than the situation probably warrants.  My anger is justified, it’s my bike after all, but I hadn’t meant to upset her.

     “Some asshole knocked my bike over, kicked a huge dent in the gas tank, and busted my mirrors.”  It hurts to even say it.

     “Oh…” She responds, nervously playing with my discarded shot glass. “Could it have been an accident?  Like, maybe it fell over?”  She’s acting like she is somehow responsible for the damage.  Does she feel guilty that it happened behind her dad’s bar?  It isn’t her fault, but someone is to blame.  There are assholes in this world that take pleasure in ruining what they don’t have themselves or just to see if they can get away with it. 

     “No.  This damage was deliberate and if I find out who is responsible, they’re dead!”  My anger is escalating again and right now a murder charge doesn’t seem like the worst thing. “We need to install security cameras out back!”

     “I’m so sorry!” Kinleigh starts to cry and I feel like shit.  The security camera remark had probably added to her guilt.  Maybe my anger is scaring her too. 

     I fold her tightly into my arms and kiss the top of her head. “You don’t have anything to feel sorry about.  It’s not your fault.  I’m pissed but I’ll get over it.”

     Now she starts to sob even harder.  “Kyle…”


crashseries-teaser-5 wreck-teaser-1 Stacey Brandon & Karen Bell Bio: brandon-bell Once upon a time, these two hookers became best friends… Stacey Brandon and Karen Bell both live in the same small Texas town on the Gulf Coast, are happily married and the proud Moms of awesome kids. Stacey owns and runs a photography studio and Karen designs and sews her own children’s clothing line. They met over fifteen years ago when they decided to turn one large professional space into a single home for both businesses.   Well, that’s all the boring facts expected to be included in an “about the author” page, right? The reality is so much more fun. Stacey and Karen and their families spend holidays together, travel together… and generally turn every situation into something crazy and chaotic. They are both fluent in English, Sarcasm and Profanity and have decided the irrefutable proof of their best friend status is how often people assume they are “together” when in public. The poor husbands are good sports about it… and might even encourage this misconception at times for sheer entertainment value.   When Karen battled cancer… and kicked its ass… in 2014, they learned to value every day and quit worrying about what others think. Do what you love! Karen is happy to take advantage of the situation though. She loves to remind everyone she “had the CANCER, dammit!” and now she can always and forever claim the last brownie ;) Connect with Stacey and Karen: FB: https://www.facebook.com/BrandonBell.Authors/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brandon_bell_authors/       wreck-giveaway Enter Stacey and Karen’s Giveaway:   a Rafflecopter giveaway  

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